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1865 Comedy Festival

There’s nothing that a good laugh can’t fix!

In a nutshell, the true aim of comedy shows is to make people laugh with their lighthearted and enjoyable antics. However, comedy can also empower and educate while it entertains you – which is exactly what the 1865 Comedy Festival is all about! Presented by Funny Hunnyz, this week-long comedy festival will make your stomach hurt with all the chuckles you will get!

The 1865 Comedy Festival is the first one to only feature an all-black pool of talents and stand-up comedians on stage. This week-long event, available virtually or face-to-face strives to set a new standard for Black performers in the comedic arts by recognizing their efforts and innovation. 

If you wish to take the stage on the said schedule, you may submit your entries here to showcase what you’ve got! Once accepted, you will also unlock these wonderful perks:

  • FREE ENTRY to all festival activities & after parties
  • Transportation Stipend/Rideshare Set Up 
  • Host Hotel Discount: 2 Comedians to a Double Room
  • At least 3 Performance Opportunities 
  • One Set Recorded 
  • Professional Headshots 
  • Complimentary Entry to All Festival Outings/Events 

Funny Hunnyz is your one-stop shop for all your comedy needs, founded by a comedian to create an agency for comedians. They Empower Through Entertainment by providing all artists with representation, performance opportunities, and affordable branding services. They have collaborated with non-profit organizations, comedy clubs, and comedy festivals to strategically incorporate social justice issues into each project.

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