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AgLanta Eats Festival

Bring on the urban farms! 

There are 50 urban farms and 300 community gardens in metro Atlanta. The farm volunteers are working to improve communities' access to fresh produce while also encouraging sustainable projects and seeking to alter people's perceptions of where food comes from. This is where AgLanta comes in!

AgLanta seeks to grow the urban agricultural community in Atlanta through initiatives, gatherings, and nearby farms. After a two-year break, AgLanta Eats will make its way back to the Atlanta Botanical Garden on August 29 this year.

The event will provide a wide range of samples created by renowned, regional chefs using the finest products from farms in metro Atlanta and AgLanta. The Atlanta Botanical Garden will be open to visitors at all times as they partake in farm-fresh food samples, a variety of drinks, live music, garden tours, and other activities. 

Visitors can sample dishes from a variety of chefs, watch live cooking demonstrations, and listen to live music performed by groups including the Cam Christian Band and Bird City Revolutionaries. Andre Dickens, the mayor of Atlanta, will also be present.

The evening's proceeds go to the AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" program, which supports the conversion of vacant and underutilized parcels in Atlanta's low-food access areas into productive urban farms and gardens. This program is run in collaboration with Groundwork Atlanta and the Atlanta Mayor's Office of Resilience. The AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" team provides technical assistance, insurance, and supplies as available to seven urban agricultural sites run by nearby farmers.

The event starts at 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. There will be no age limits, so you can come with your kids! 

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