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Atlanta Comic Convention

Gear up for this year’s epic surprises!

Atlanta Comic Convention, the fan-friendliest comic show in the South, is back on August 6, 2023, and it’s bigger than ever. There will be over one million comic books (from Gold, Silver, CGG, and more), toys, anime, Star Wars, and more of your favorites on this jam-packed day! 

That’s not all, of course – you’ll also get the chance to meet and greet Stephanie Gladden, the creative hands behind the Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls, Peanuts, Ren & Stimpy, Spongebob Squarepants, and 99 other comics. She will sign up for 5 products you will bring to her, completely free!

Other artists lined up for the Atlanta Comic Convention’s Artist Alley include the following artists:

  • Jason Flowers - an Atlanta-based comic book artist who has recently done covers for IDW (TMNT: The Last Ronin) and Scout Comics (Black Friday). In addition, he has worked for Image Comics, Arcana Comics, Upper Deck, and Topps Cards.
  • Mark Wright - previously worked for Cult-Stuff Card Company and Marty & Boo Cards. He is also well-known for his freelance artwork and is available for custom sketches and commissions.
  • Beetle Milk Publishing - specializes in dark fantasy. [Psycho Babble], their flagship comic, has just reached its third volume. They also sell art prints and other Beetle Milk-related items.
  • Lysa “Zen” Shin - Zen Vs Zombies is her comic's creator and colorist. She works as a horror artist, illustrator, colorist, and photographer. She is credited with inventing all things that devour cake and hiding beneath your bed.
  • James Burns - creator of Grumbles, Detached, Speechless, and collaborated on The Astral Crusader and Lance Star: Sky Ranger. A Life Half-Forgotten is his most recent graphic memoir.
  • Bobby Nash - writes novels, short stories, comic books, novellas, graphic novels, screenplays, and even a little pulp literature.
  • Mark “Toonery'' Smith - an animation Professor for Art Institute Atlanta. He's the author of The Art of Flash Animation and Cartoonyville Comics, as well as a puppeteer and voiceover artist.
  • Dani M. - a jewelry maker and mixed media artist, created Elder Lore Studios to house quirky creations inspired by her love of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, video games, and nature.
  • About Time Comics - an independent comic book publisher home to Dreamer, Godsend, and In-Flight Service.
  • Page 14 Crew - a group of Atlanta-area sequential authors and artists who came together to form an independent comic book club. Its major artists/writers are Aziz Balamani, Mike Lancette, and David Mitchell.

Tickets to the Atlanta Comic Convention are available for $5, whereas parking is available for $8. 

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