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Atlanta Fermentation Fest

Art is patience, passion, and product rolled into one. Coincidentally, it's also the same for fermentation! What used to be science class experiments or a pastime for others has now evolved into a remarkable art form - and it's all celebrated at the Atlanta Fermentation Festival! 

When you delve into the science of fermentation, you will find out that it is a metabolic process. Fermentation happens when an organism converts a carbohydrate, such as starch or sugar, into alcohol or acid. For example, yeast ferments sugar to produce energy by converting it to alcohol. Bacteria ferment carbohydrates, converting them to lactic acid. It improves food preservation and can also increase the number of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut. 

Presented by Cultured South, the Atlanta Fermentation Festival is the perfect event to learn, experience, and interact with fellow brine enthusiasts! The venture was launched to help people learn more about fermentation, the history of traditional food preparation, and how it relates to our food system. The festival is a fun and educational day of learning and sharing this information and the importance of fermentation with our community. Each year, they also donate to and highlight a local non-profit organization dedicated to the local food movement.

This year's festival commences on November 6, 2022, Sunday, at the Atlanta Utility Works from 12 PM to 7 PM. Fermented products from local and regional producers will be available, as well as educational talks and demonstrations, seasonal kombucha on tap, a libation lounge, music, and other activities. You can also spot and shop local vendors selling everything from kraut to coffee and even chocolate at the Makers' Marketplace!

On the "Get Cultured" stage, there will be live music by local acts, expert speakers (Julia Skinner, Cheryl Paswater, etc.), and a panel discussion about diversity in the fermentation world, moderated by Ralph Marion, a.k.a. Beered BlackMan.

Educational workshops and demonstrations will be held at the designated demo tent. There will be a brine hand-dying and screen printing station where you can color your The Rounds tote bag with fermentation byproducts! Lastly, there will be a FREE community yoga lesson at 12 PM to kickstart the Fermentation Fest.

Admission is FREE for everyone - all you need to bring is your love for all things fermented! 

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