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Atlanta Oyster Festival

Gather round for a fresh round of fun and entertainment!

The sea serves as the home for many marvelous creatures, with few that are a true delight to our palates. A great example of this is oysters. Deemed as the engineers in the marine ecosystem, oysters form reefs to give other species a home sweet home. They also help filter the water by feeding on algae. 

Their wonders do not cease under the waters, because they also offer a unique experience for anyone who wants to grab a bite. Oysters have a fresh flavor and are a great addition to any diet, thanks to the vitamins and minerals they contain. 

And if these are not enough to trigger your cravings, then here’s a more enticing addition: beer, wine, mimosas, brunch punch, seltzer, live music, and a special guest!

You read that right - the Atlanta Oyster Festival will grace the Atlantic Station on Saturday, February 4, 2023! Enjoy a whole afternoon of drinks, music, entertainment, and of course, the star of the day: oysters! There will be a wide selection of oysters to perk up your taste buds. To make the day even more special, DJ Qtip will also be there to liven up the event!

You can get your tickets here for a discounted price, just before the big day! Every ticket includes entry and entertainment, a souvenir cup, and all alcohol samples. If you get them early, you can enjoy extra perks, such as early entrance to the event and a free oyster entrée. 

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