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Black Restaurant Week

People learn to express their love in various ways. We determine what we have to offer, what we can share, and what will be appreciated. We discover our love languages and become more fluent as we practice speaking and living them, from hugs to extravagant gifts.

Food is a universal love language, and it has a special place in the Black community. It stems from a desire to feed others, spend time together, keep traditions alive, and live within our means. Moreover, it teaches us to find a connection with our culture.

No wonder everyone is hyped up as the Black Restaurant Week returns for their sixth year on August 6 to 20, 2023 at the Atlanta Metro Area! Discover black-owned restaurants, food trucks, sweets, and more in and around Atlanta and fill up to your heart’s desire. 

Founded in 2016 by Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell, and Derek Robinson, this unique and immersive event is dedicated to celebrating the flavors of African-American, African, and Caribbean cuisine across the country. Black Restaurant Week's culinary initiatives help introduce culinary businesses and culinary professionals to the community through a series of events and promotional campaigns. Featuring a contemporary restaurant week approach includes highlighting other aspects of culinary businesses such as catering services, food trucks, and culinary products. This helps to stimulate the local economy and provides full access to the Black culinary industry, which is an important component of American culture.

Businesses who are confirmed on the Black Restaurant Week include:

  • Smokey T’s BBQ LLC
  • Sweet Auburn Bread Company Inc.
  • Philly G Steaks
  • Mommadede’s Southern Cooking Soulfood & BBQ Cafe
  • FruiTea Bubbles Café
  • Pepper’s Hotdogs
  • Pretty Little Tacos

… and so much more!

If you also wish to register your business and join the Black Restaurant Week, all you have to do is click this link. Black Restaurant Week collaborates with community and corporate partners across North America to promote and raise awareness of Black-Owned culinary businesses. 

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