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Decatur Wine Festival

Have you ever had that moment wherein you were enjoying a glass of wine and wondered: what makes this so special?

If you get down to the technicalities, wine is just another chemically-concocted beverage. It is basically just alcohol and water mixed and aged to perfection.

But taste and tannins aside, there is passion involved in winemaking or vinification that makes it art on its own. Many vineyards have existed for tens or hundreds of years, taking their rich history and tradition with every bottle of wine. Of course, not every bottle is the same - making every little sip an adventure of some sort. 

If you are ready to embark on this sensual adventure of wine tasting, then the Decatur Wine Festival is the perfect event. Happening on November 5, 2022, Sunday, from 12:30 to 4:30 P.M. at Downtown Decatur, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sample all kinds of wine!

Whether you like red, pink, white, or bubbly wine, there is an option for you. Over 400 vineyards and winemakers will attend the event to introduce their products. But the catch? You get a commemorative wine glass with your ticket - and you can use this as you taste various wines!

Of course, wine needs a sumptuous companion. The best local restaurants and food chains will also be there at the festival to serve delicious food and add a tasty delight to the day!

There will also be a DJ to play music to level up the fun as you sip the best wines in Atlanta! Make sure to stay for the dance party and share your selfies using the hashtag #decaturwinefestival! 

Other fun activities include a game called Wall of Wine. Just donate $20 to the Decatur Arts Alliance and draw a number for a bottle from the wine wall. You will receive a bottle worth up to $100. Speaking of the Decatur Arts Alliance, the ticket proceeds will go to these fantastic local artists! The non-profit arts organization provides a full-spectrum arts experience to Decatur residents and visitors through public art installations, live music, community events, exhibits, and festivals.

Other wine paraphernalia, like the wine lanyards, will also be available, perfect for when you get tired of holding your glasses.

Get your tickets now to get early-bird discounts! Just check out the Freshtix link.

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