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German Bierfest

There is no denying that Germany is indeed a wonderful country. As the seventh largest country in Europe, it has a colorful history which has also paved the way for its rich culture. So when you think of Germany, what things come to mind? Well, there are surely a lot to consider. One could easily answer Berlin, as it is such a beautiful city. It could also be the great thinkers and poets that have graced the land. Or maybe, the delicious sausages, the entertaining football games, or the Oktoberfest. As for us, well, we are on the beer - and only the real ones know that German beer is on the top tier of the list!

No nation has a more complex and diverse brewing industry than Germany, where beer plays a significant role in society. In fact, Germans are known as the second largest beer consumers in the world. 

Since the first alcohol laws were enacted around 500 years ago, this has always been the situation. These restrictions, known as the Reinheitsgebot, govern much of the nation and outline what can and cannot be added to true beers. Locals prioritize quality over all else, making German beer one of the best in the world.

Good news, though - you don’t have to book a flight to Europe just to get a taste of authentic and great German beer. This year, our favorite beer fest is back to keep the beer barrels rolling in, along with the fun.

The German Bierfest is back for its 19th year on Saturday, August 20th at Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark! 

Enjoy over 50 varieties of free German wine and beer, live music performances, and entertaining activities focused around beer from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Plus, German eateries and food sellers in the Atlanta region will serve up traditional fare including bratwurst, döners, pretzels, sauerkraut, schnitzel, and more!

Tickets are available for General Admission and VIP! Check out the perks and inclusions below:

GA Tickets:

  • Souvenir German Bier Fest Tasting Glass
  • Complimentary German Bier and Wine Sampling (50+ varieties)
  • DJ and Music
  • Food Available for Purchase

VIP Tickets

  • 1 hour early admission (12:00pm)
  • Souvenir German Bier Fest Tasting Glass
  • Additional Limited Edition Souvenir Glass
  • Private Restrooms
  • Complimentary Catering
  • German Bierfest Souvenir Shirt
  • Specialty Access Biers
  • German Bier Tasting Sessions
  • Complimentary German Bier and Wine Tastings (50+ varieties)
  • DJ and Music

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