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Illumine 2023

Oakland Cemetery will light up again with Atlanta’s favorite after-dark arts experience – Illumine!    Illumine, Oakland Cemetery's popular after-dark arts experience, returns from April 27 to May 7, 2023 with new history to discover, more of the Cemetery to explore, and all-new installations to revel in behind the inspiring backdrop of Atlanta's skyline. This year's Illumine will celebrate how trees shape the identity, history, and landscape of Oakland Cemetery, from the early oaks that inspired the name to the towering magnolias that grace today’s landscape. Oakland's trees support Atlanta's environmental health and biodiversity by providing habitat, food, and shelter for wildlife. They are imbued with meaning, symbolism, and power, and are incorporated into Oakland's diverse cultural and burial practices.   But that’s not all that participants can enjoy at Illumine – there will also be live music, craft cocktails, and an Oakland pop-up shop! This year’s participating artists include Dorothy O’Connor, Gavin Bernard, Brooks Garcia, and Ricardo Martinez.    This year’s event will take place on the evenings listed below:  

  • Thursday, April 27
  • Friday, April 28
  • Saturday, April 29
  • Sunday, April 30
  • Thursday, May 4
  • Friday, May 5
  • Saturday, May 6
  • Sunday, May 7

  Important reminder that each evening has a limited number of tickets to ensure that each visitor has the best experience possible. Get your tickets now so you won’t miss out on the fun! Those who will purchase tickets in advance enjoy a discount – $20 for adults, $15 for students, children, and seniors, and $100 for VIP tickets. Children under 3 may enter free.

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