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Inspire Women Exhibition

While it has long been engraved in the patriarchal society, a lot of household chores - and the burdens that come with it - are all directed towards women. This pattern remains persistent to this day, believe it or not. 

Despite making up over half of the workforce in the United States, women still handle a greater proportion of household duties. The majority of married or committed heterosexual couples in the U.S. still assign the woman to clean, cook, and maintain the house. And a huge percentage of these task assignments goes to laundry. At least 58% of women in U.S. households take charge of the laundry duties. 

But you know why it makes women even more awesome? It’s because we never heard them complain about it, and they slayed at doing it all! They have raised households with all their might, despite all the pressures and expectations of a patriarchal society. 

Now, say this with us - Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Despite everything, women still succeed and outperform the odds. That’s why it’s about time that we honor them for their outstanding contributions to society, notable victories, and unrivaled bravery.

Introducing the Inspire Women Exhibition, an event dedicated to inspire the strength, style, and enthusiasm of women all around the globe. This is a perfect opportunity to meet businesswomen come together to inspire their fellow females! 

You can also use this to promote your products and services, along with prospective customers, fellow business owners, and others! This day is open to any business owned by women, so be it fashion or food, you have a place at this event. (Side note: if you are a customer, this is a time to snag free products! All girls win here!)The event starts at 10 AM on July 30, 2022 at the Gas South Convention Center. Entrance is completely FREE, just bring your girls for a fun girl’s day out!

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