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Jurassic Quest

Dinosaurs may have gone extinct thousands of years ago, but they remain alive in our hearts - that’s for sure!

Aside from their astoundingly huge statures, dinosaurs are also known for capturing the hearts of youngsters. Kids everywhere are in love with these colossal beasts. They familiarize themselves with all the species and memorize their names to a T - and did you know there’s a scientific explanation behind that? While adults find it more challenging to remember complicated words, kids who are still developing their language find it much easier - which is why they can recite every little fact about dinosaurs!

So if you have a little dinosaur expert, surprise them with a chance to see their favourite giants face-to-face at the Jurassic Quest in Georgia World Congress Center on December 9 to 11, 2022!

Jurassic Quest is North America’s largest and most realistic dinosaur travelling show. And it’s not like any other dinosaur-themed exhibit - they feature meticulously painted dinosaurs to make them look as real as possible. Aside from that, they also have tons of fun activities for all ages! 

You can ride the animatronic dinosaurs with your children. These are all safe, don’t worry - your kid may even find their favorite one! There are also dinosaur-themed bounce houses and the “Triceratots” soft play area to explore with the whole family. 

For the artsy, there will be arts and crafts sessions where you can make your own paper dinos, color some dinosaur pages, or whatever makes you roar with laughter! After some craft-making, further unleash your curious side as you dig for fossils at the science tables. Clue: you can find ancient secrets like triceratops and T-Rex fossils! Along with this are science exhibits where you can learn all about these colossal dwellers.

If you think ridable dinos are enough, wait until you meet the adorable, life-like baby dinosaurs at the event. You can play and take photos with them, including the fan favorites: Camarasaurus and Triceratops. Of course, there are also adolescent versions, which will walk around the venue to interact, play, and take photos with everyone!

You can also dive deeper into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and learn about ancient underwater dwellers, such as the prehistoric sea turtle, dolphin, and of course, the most anticipated 50-foot-long Megalodon! 

Tickets will be sold per timeslot, so hurry over to https://tickets.jurassicquest.com/ to secure your slots! Kids 1 and under are free.

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