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Rapper’s Delight: 50 Years of Hip Hop

Atlanta and hip hop has always been one, and On June 10, 2023, it will reach a whole new level as we celebrate its 50th year anniversary!

First founded in 1973, there’s no denying that hip hop has come a long way, and it’s long embedded in Atlanta’s rich history book. Just like all styles of music, it has diverse roots and has been shaped by countless artists over many decades. Hip hop has grown from urban turntablism to rap battling, B-boying to street fashion, and now, it’s a multibillion-dollar industry. Now, we are commemorating 50 years of hip hop, along with the culture, connection, and diversity it has offered to the world, here at NBAF’s Rapper’s Delight: 50 Years of Hip Hop happening on June 10, 2023 at Westside Paper!

Starting at 8:00 PM and lasting through midnight, this evening is jam-packed with music, technology, art, video installations, and more! This immersive, block party-style event is all about honoring  America's most influential Black cultural movements through hip hop. 

The vivid evening will comprise of multiple celebrated DJs performing live music sets spanning five decades. Aside from that, guests can also enjoy 5 silent disco pods, one for each decade of hip hop, resulting in 5 distinct parties in one!

You can also walk through the historical moments that have defined hip hop, including its most remarkable icons, cultural trends, and historical figures through audiovisual exhibitions. There will also be an exclusive event for NBAF VIP Reception and Honors Ceremony Pioneers who helped make Atlanta the South's Hip Hop capital, including Big Oomp Records' Big Oomp, DJ Jelly, MC Assault, and DJ Montay, as well as 2x Emmy-Award Winning Radio Personality, Ryan Cameron!

Thinking of a way to remember this day? Stop by the themed social photo booths and snap your photos to post on your social media accounts! You can also score souvenirs and merchandise at The Bodega, an indie market of hip hop and culture related vendors. There are more fun activities, such as sponsor activations, cash bars, and more – so bring a lot of energy to explore them all!

NBAF is a 501(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to expose, educate, engage, and entertain audiences by presenting and supporting African-American art and artists. It is dedicated to continuing its legacy of providing outstanding artistic and educational programs in music, dance, film, theater, visual, and literary arts.

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