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Screen on the Green

On average, you spend at least two hours doing a load of laundry. Give or take, the wash takes around 40 minutes, while the drying takes a little longer than that. Factor in the time you spend segregating the colors, whites, and delicates, and you spend another 20 minutes. And if there are stains, you add a few more minutes pre-treating those. These are just rough estimates, but you get the point - doing the laundry robs you of time you could have spent for better things. 

If you factor in the roughly estimated two hours, you could have cooked a delicious homemade dinner. You could have spent it on yoga, running, or a full body workout. You could have walked your dog or spent a day out with your family. Even better, you could have spent your two hours watching a feel good movie as you snack on popcorn or candy. 

And speaking of movies, we found a great way to take that enjoyment to the next level - Screen on the Green! 

Screen on the Green is an outdoor movie viewing experience. They feature family-friendly films, with a bonus of fun artists and guests on the venue. (Are you over the Encanto craze yet? Well, they once invited the characters on site!) The movie is set, all you need to bring is your car, blanket, chairs, and favorite snacks. 

They screen movies twice a month. They have screened Space Jam, Enacanto, and Luca over the last months, and their July lineup is just as exciting. They will be showing the Spongebob Squarepants Movie and King Richard!

The most exciting part about this is that you literally only need to pull up at the area - you get free parking for two hours, plus everything about the event is free! 

Movies start at 7 P.M., so make sure to come at around 6:30 so you can find a good spot. The location is at Atlantic Green (1380 Atlantic Drive NW).

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