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Taste of Soul - Atlanta

Nothing feels better than seeing your soul food served on a plate, especially after a long time away from home. But mix it with music, art, and family entertainment? That perfectly adds the cherry on top! 

The term "soul food" was coined in the mid-1960s because the word soul often described African-American culture. It generally means homecooked meals and recipes passed down through many generations, with roots in the rural South. This culture of food, enveloped with love, passion, and generations, is what the Taste of Soul Atlanta strives to celebrate. 

Taste of Soul Atlanta is a weekend-long FREE festival held in one of Atlanta's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. It is the largest festival west of Peachtree in the heart of America's Soul Food Capital. This family festival features Soul and Southern food, live music, art, kid events, and Atlanta's best people.

This festival takes place in Vine City, the hometown of Dr. Martin Luther King. It commences where the most significant catalysts of the civil rights movement lived, as they dined on Soul Food and discussed tackling some of America's most challenging issues.

This year, the festival will be held on October 15 to 16, 2022, from 12 P.M. to 9:30 P.M., across the Mercedes Benz Stadium. 

All ages are encouraged to participate in the event, and there will also be a kids' zone where your youngsters can have a blast! However, pets are a no-go for this event. 

It will be an eventful weekend, so make sure you have all the energy you can muster! Here's what to expect at the festival:

On Friday, there will be ArTOSA and VinoTOSA. 

ArtTOSA is a citywide art exhibition commemorating the soul of art, with international contemporary artists featured in a premier art experience. With Atlanta's tastemakers, guests enjoy artists representing a diverse spectrum of cultures, generations, and approaches, such as painting, photography, and live artworks.

VinoTOSA is a wine-tasting experience unlike any other. Sit, drink, and learn about wines from many renowned African American winemakers.

Saturday & Sunday is just as promising, trust us! It will feature the TOSA Festival, Atlanta's premier soul food and music festival jam-packed with fantastic food, spectacular music, and sensational cuisine. This festival, which features some of the genre's best national and indie acts, is sure to be a blast for all ages. If you like food, come prepared to eat; no napkins are required because you'll want to lick your fingers.

There will also be crafts and merchandise available at the venue - so if you want to snag a souvenir, make sure to drop by! 

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