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Taste Urban 2023

Experience Atlanta’s largest tasting event as it returns on June 21 at the Foundry Puritan Mill!

Get ready to immerse your taste buds on a delicious journey with Atlanta’s best and brightest! Taste Urban Atlanta has everything you need to find a Black caterer, baker, wine/liquor brand, product/service for your home/personal/business. 

This year’s celebration features the theme of Juneteenth, in which we shine a spotlight on the incredible brilliance and achievements of Black Men in Business - the visionary thinkers, relentless dreamers, and remarkable makers who are shaping the future. From food to drinks, you can find the best ones at this one-of-a-kind event!

Taste Urban is unique in that it is about more than just food; it is about the entire urban culture. It provides guests with a unique chance to learn and experience what local, black-owned businesses and goods/service providers have to offer! It also serves as a gathering place for foodies and culture to connect and enjoy tasty bites, black heritage, art, music, caterers, chefs, and more. 

It also comes back to its previous venue, The Foundry Puritan Mill, for this year! This is a truly amazing event venue that gives guests a backdrop with character and history, illustrating Atlanta's popular Westside's industrial past and lively present.

Those who wish to join the Taste Urban 2023 event can pick from three ticket tiers:

Basic Ticket: gives you access to 20+ tasting stations and the cash bar for $20

Premium Ticket: gives you access to 20+ liquor/wine tasting stations, 20+ food tasting stations, and the cash bar for $45

VIP Experience: allows you to skip line entry, enjoy a private chef  with custom food menu, lounge sitting & experience, 3 private full bar drinks, 20+ liquor/wine tasting stations, 20+ food tasting stations, and more. 

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