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The 404 Festival

When you think about it, there is so much history that lies within a state. Case in point: Atlanta. Sure, everyone knows it as the home of Martin Luther King Jr., as well as an essential part of the Civil Rights Movement. But there is so much more to unfold about Atlanta’s history. (Spoiler alert: Did you know that Atlanta had a different name back in the 1800s?)

Atlanta's history began in 1836, when Georgia chose to construct a railroad to the United States. The line's endpoint was decided to be somewhere in the Midwest. Because of that, the governor named the state Marthasville in honor of his daughter. Then, it was nicknamed Terminus, before finally being renamed to Atlanta. Then, it was hailed as the capital of Georgia in 1868. 

Another Atlanta fun fact: did you know that Atlanta was the first American city to not be located for water navigation? Well, that’s because its main purpose was to build railroads. 

Anyway, that’s enough history chat. It’s not what we are here for, anyway, because we want to introduce you to an event that celebrates Atlanta in its full glory! 

The 404 Festival brings all things Atlanta on this fun-filled day. They are gathering all of Atlanta's top performers for a full day of food, company, and entertainment. 

There will be over 50 Atlanta-based vendors who will join the event to satisfy your food and drink needs. After all, it gets more fun when you have good food nearby.

Additionally, local and national musical acts like Niko Moon, Roscoe Dash, Ricky Retro, Travis Porter, Big Boi from Outkast, and Hedonistas will perform at the event.

Experience Atlanta brands' activations while immersing yourself in the design of local Atlanta artisans and artists. The 404 Fest will take place on August 13th, 2022 at the Pullman Yards.

Just a quick reminder: this is a family-friendly event, but fur babies are not allowed!

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