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The Journey Awards

Inspiration goes a long way, and this night proves it true!

Inspiration transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities, moving us from uncertainty and indifference to possibility. It drives us to become activated, captured, and controlled, and have a significant impact on important life and business outcomes. This is what the Journey Awards aims to honor and celebrate – all gifted visionaries and talents were placed on this planet to help others.

The Journey Awards Organization started with a once homeless, humble, and determined man's dream of establishing a meaningful awards ceremony. After experiencing unbearable days of starvation and cold, freezing nights after working for more than 20 hours a day, he fueled his determination to pursue his dream of giving back after starting several hospitality businesses and hosting large events. After watching several award shows in 2015, he realized that there was no ceremony that provided the same Hollywood glitz and glam experience while also producing a significant outcome, like a ceremony honoring VIPs as well as everyday people who inspire and help millions. After reaching out to a diverse group of compassionate philanthropists, the Journey Awards were created.

The Journey Awards feature big, inspiring names from all sorts of industries: sports, fashion, social media, health, and public service. The ultimate catch? The audience gets to nominate who they want! If you have a name that made a huge impact on your life, you can submit a nomination to the Journey Awards here

The event will commence on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at Downtown Atlanta. The red carpet will begin at 4:00 PM, so don’t be late and get a chance to see your nominees strut down in full glitz and glamor.

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