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Virginia Highland Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a great way to connect with your local farmers, experience freshly cooked food, and learn more about your community. The freshest and most delicious fruits and veggies are those that you may get at a farmers market. Fruits are brought directly to you after being allowed to fully ripen in the field; there is no long-distance shipping involved, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, and no sitting for weeks in storage.

Nothing tops a good day filled with genuine conversations about local produce and all the wonders that come with it. You get to learn about your favorite produce - plus, it will help you rebuild your trust in the local food system!

Aside from that, farmers markets support wholesome food systems that protect our environment, our neighborhood, and our homes. Supporting organic farmers at your neighborhood market directly enables them to continue working the land. 

It is also a perfect opportunity to become aware of organic farming, genetically modified foods, fair pricing for agricultural products, and the wide range of fresh seasonal food accessible in a regionally networked food system.

So, what’s up with all this farmers market talk? Well, it’s time for the Virginia Highland Farmers Market! Huge thanks to the Community Farmers Market, the Wheeler family, Virginia Highland District Association, and Virginia Highland Farm Burger for sponsoring this awesome event, by the way! 

Experience a wide variety of regular farmers, food vendors, flowers and local art, along with monthly rotating vendors. 

Watch out for these weekly rotating vendors:

  • Pearson Peaches and Pecans
  • Gold Lion Farm
  • Narrow Way Farm
  • Smyly Farm
  • Deer Creek Farm

There will also be bi-weekly vendors, such as:

  • Manzi Organics
  • Roseman’s Remedies
  • Squeaky Green Cleaning Co.
  • Pride Road
  • Barkful
  • Kuon Lix

Here are other vendors, who will be joining monthly and seasonally:

  • Lily Smith Studio
  • Oh, So Fitting!
  • Pink Scorpio Handmade
  • Urban Essentials
  • Crayon Pendants
  • La Bodega

And before we forget - SNAP/EBT funds are matched by Community Farmers Markets with an equal amount of tokens for fruits and vegetables. Scan your EBT card for $10 to receive an additional $10 on fruits and vegetables!

Come join the freshness and the fun at the Farm Burger parking lot at N. Highland Ave and Virginia Ave every Thursday from 3 to 7 pm, March 31-November 17!

You can also subscribe to the Virginia Highland Farmers Market newsletter on the Community Farmers Markets website for more information about the market's weekly merchants, performers, and chef demos.

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