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Festival of the Arts

You would never think that something as simple as beats and notes synced together has the power to unite a community. It does not need to be translated, but it works to speak for everyone. It is a universal language that promotes connection, passion, and empathy towards one another. It creates a story that keeps us listening and pushes us to share it with others. 

Actually, one of music's most alluring qualities is its capacity to affect and elevate moods. Music influences how we see and think about everything around us. And when you take this power of music and turn it into a fun festival, the magic just keeps getting better. 

This is just what the Atlanta Festival of the Arts is all about! It was a fun-filled day full of good music, food, art, and family fun.

It was a day for the greatest musicians from Atlanta, the Mecca of Entertainment in America! Discover the best talents, such as:






It’s not only live music performances because there was also a quality comedy! There’s nothing like laughter to ignite genuine connections that ease any pressure and awkwardness. A whole hour of good laughs with the best and the funniest comedians and improv artists from Atlanta!

Plus, what is music without a bit of dancing? Dancers of all ages, including children and adults, also performed recitals at various locations across the park, including the main stage. 

And if not for the food, then what is a festival for? There was also great food from local food vendors and food trucks. Not only did the festival satiate your hunger for music, but also for food! Various shop owners and artists from all over Georgia also came to showcase their unique artworks! 

Speaking of artwork, the Festival of the Arts also invited tons of visual artists! Tons of creations of both young and old artists from all around the state of Georgia, including paintings, sculptures, wood crafts, and more were displayed throughout the festival.

Before we forget, here’s the BEST PART of this entire festival - it is FREE FOR EVERYONE!

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