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Helping Hands 10K and 5K

Fitness with a purpose remains unmatched. 

Homelessness remains to be one of Atlanta's main dilemmas. According to Partners for Home data, the first annual count in 2015 found 4,317 homeless people in Atlanta, with more than 1,000 living outside shelters. In 2020, just months before the pandemic, there were 3,240 homeless people, with 939 remaining unsheltered.

Thankfully, many initiatives help address this problem, including the Helping Hands Run/Walk Event. As one of the charity events hosted by Egnite Fitness, the run aims to promote the health and wellness of the community. Their mission is to help those in need by providing meals, healthcare pamphlets, clothing, hygiene care items, blankets, and housing essentials. 

They also encourage participants to help pack care packages with daily essentials and hygiene items for those in need. To make things even better and more personalized, you can sign your name and leave a note with your care packages! It's best to arrive at the event earlier so you can pack, and the staff members will give you a list of items and guide you as you go.

Of course, off to the main event: the run! There will be a 10k relay that requires only a minimum of two people to sign up, and you can name your own group! The relay will have two legs of three miles each, and staff will escort all runners to their alternate points. There will also be a 5k relay for beginners! 

The event will commence at Atlanta Piedmont Park on November 19, 2022. Ticket prices start at $50 for 5k runners and $55 for 10k runners.

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