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Here's How the Wrinkle Free Cleaning Process Works

A long week of work and household duties--and yet you still have to face your laundry. The one day of the week that you would rather spend resting or bonding with your family all goes to a whole day of sorting, washing, drying, and folding the laundry. But there’s a way to reclaim your laundry days and turn it into a whole day of happiness for you and your loved ones— leave it to us, here at Wrinkle Free Delivery.

Wrinkle Free Delivery is a dry cleaning & laundry service based in Atlanta, Georgia. We service Metro Atlanta’s residential properties and corporal businesses— they give us the laundry and we give it to them fresh and clean. And we do not only help clean your clothes, we also help the environment. We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaner that will help you reclaim your free time.

Here’s how we do it for you:

Step 1: Sign up via our website, mobile app, or through a staff. (For New Customers)

You can visit our website at www.wrinklefreedelivery.com, or download our mobile app on the App Store and Play Store for a faster, more convenient way to register.

Once you’ve accessed our app or website, click ‘Sign Up’, then enter your valid email and password, and click ‘Create Account’. You will then need to type in your name, complete address (make sure that your address is covered in our service area, or your orders will be declined automatically), mobile number, and credit card information for billing. Once you’ve typed everything in, everything is good to go and you can schedule your first laundry order with us.

If you’re going to register at our physical stores or through the phone, our staff will be willing to assist you. Our staff will first check if your address is within our service area before proceeding to the next step. If it is, you’re all set for your laundry orders. But if it’s not, you will be offered our In-Store Laundry Drop-off and Pickup before proceeding to the next step.

Next, you will be asked to enter your name, number, complete address, and credit card information. After that, you can proceed to book your order with our staff, or through our mobile app or website.

For our clients with commercial businesses, our account manager handles the communications and linen needs of the client. They would also need to review, accomplish, and return the Wrinkle Free Delivery Service and Agreement and confirm the Estimate for Services.

Account Creation details also require their recurring schedule, start date, bin location, and billing or invoicing preferences.

Step 2: Schedule your order.

Once your account is all set, it’s now time to book your order for our laundry services. Our valet services will schedule a pickup for your laundry.

For our new customers, you can put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag and we will return it with a free Wrinkle Free Delivery laundry bag that you can use on your next order. For existing customers, you can just pack them in the bag as usual. From here on, you will be notified of the delivery schedule.

If you are making an order in-store, our staff will pull up your StarchUp account first to validate your details. Then you will be asked for the type of cleaning service you want: Dry Cleaning or Wash & Fold.

For Wash & Fold, our staff will weigh your laundry before finalizing your order. For Dry Cleaning, your laundry will be itemized. After all of this, you will be given a receipt or a ticket.

Step 3: Sit back and relax as you wait for your laundry.

All that’s left to do next is to wait for your cleaned clothes. When you receive an update that your laundry is clean and ready for pickup, our staff will update your status in StarchUp, and you will receive a message to pick up your laundry. Once you’re all set to pick up your order, the invoice will be settled via credit card, over the counter, or cash.

Now, all that’s left to do is bring your laundry home, fresh from the washers and ready to wear for you, once again. And we will be waiting for your next order, because we believe that you deserve to bask in your free time without thinking about the laundry.

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