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How much time do we spend doing laundry?

Lo and behold, it’s that time again when your dirty clothes have piled up and you are to face yet another time-consuming task of doing the laundry. With all that time spent on laundry alone, have you ever wondered how much time we actually spend doing it? Although it’s not something that crosses our minds when we are in front of our washing machine, you’ll actually be shocked to know the amount of time spent on laundry.

According to American Time Use Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average American women spend 17 minutes per day on laundry, a big amount compared to only 5 minutes per day among men. If we put together 17 minutes in a day, that would total to 119 minutes in a week, and almost 60 hours in a month!

Perhaps you're sitting there thinking, "I never do laundry every day!” Like most people, before you make your way to the washing machine, you typically let it stack up a little bit (or a lot). The Bureau of Labor Statistics' average takes into account that this is how most Americans do their laundry, so it came into play when the average was created. And with all that time focused only on laundry, there’s a whole lot more you can accomplish. You can focus on your hobbies, enjoy your favorite TV series, of get started on your pending tasks.

And if you feel so perplexed and somehow betrayed that a huge chunk of your time is taken away by doing your laundry, there’s actually a solution for that: a laundry service.

Instead of wasting all that energy loading your clothes, then washing and drying them, why not take them in for dry cleaning or book it through a laundry service app? Wrinkle Free Delivery has got you covered with that.

Wrinkle Free Delivery lets you book their service through their app. All you need to do is schedule your laundry for pick-up and they will deliver it back to you when it’s done! Skip the long drives to the dry cleaners because whether you need your uniform cleaned and pressed; nasty stains removed; or you simply have too much laundry to do, everything is done in your convenience. Wrinkle Free Delivery is manned by professional cleaners who will double check your clothes to make sure that everything is properly cleaned and delivered to you on time.

Gone are the days when you have to fold clothes after tending to them in the washer. Wrinkle Free Delivery gives you all the time you need to focus on all your tasks as you trust them to handle your laundry. Now you can sit back and catch up on all your tasks, and have no worries about your freshly cleaned clothes right at your doorstep.

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