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How often should I wash my blankets and sheets?

After a long day of work and life, we should all find comfort in our beloved, cozy blankets and sheets. They hug us to sleep, and truth be told, nothing makes you weaker than being in a bed of fresh, soft blankets. However, there is no straight out answer on how frequently it should be washed, but it depends on the manner with which you use them. This article takes a deep dive into the dirty unassuming world hidden in our blankets and sheets. But don’t be grossed out! This will just help you learn about how to keep your blankets and sheets clean so you can enjoy your rest at night, because, hello, you deserve that!

So many things can get into your blankets and sheets, and yes, they can be the unhygienic ones. Different pollutants and dirt can be missed by the naked eye, and will probably make you want to wash your blankets and sheets as often as possible.

For starters, your blankets and sheets collect body sweat and dead skin cells. The residue of dirt and dust that your body acquired from a day’s work transfer to your bed sheets and duvet covers upon contact. It may not be easily visible, but countless dust mites are roaming through your sheets and blankets. These eight-legged creatures mingle with minuscule bed bugs that feast on your body pollutants. These unseen critters number anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million in just one blanket, bed cover or sheet, and at least 10 percent of the body weight of these mites is composed of fecal matter. Major yikes!

Also, allowing your dog or cat to sleep on your bed makes it even worse. Pets leave behind fur, germs and all kinds of pollutants from the environment they move around. Aside from hygienic risk, animals bring in allergens that may cause asthma, coughing and eczema, among other health disorders.

It is recommended by experts to wash your beddings at least every two weeks, but when we think about everything that gets into our sheets, I mean… once a week is ideal to combat everything mentioned above. Here are other tips for maintaining a clean and hygienic bed:

Wash your pillows regularly as well.

Remember that you also use your pillows while you sleep, and they come in contact with your hair, eyes, nose and mouth. These pollutants and dust mites can also get into your pillows so don’t sleep on it and clean it as well with your sheets.

Use hot water and clothes disinfectant.

Germs and dirt loosen up if you use warm water in your washing machine and heat effectively kills bacteria and other allergens. However, do this with precaution as some sheets and blankets are made up of materials that do not sit well with hot water. Carefully read care instructions on your beddings, and apply a relative amount of cleaning and disinfecting material to keep them clean.

Iron your beddings.

Ironing also gives off heat that can further kill all the bacteria, pollutants and dirt that may have deeply seeped into your beddings, sheets and blankets. Take your time in doing so and make sure that you get all the places so you can be sure that it’s clean and fresh.

Good housekeeping is a matter of habit.

Just as you clean your place regularly, be consistent in washing your dirty sheets and blankets. It’s creepy to imagine how dust mites and critters sleep in the bed you sleep on. A clean and fresh bed can take away all the fatigue from a long day.

Leave it to the experts.

Finding a reliable laundry services provider might be the next best solution to having clean bedding. Since they are experts, professional clothes washers have the technology and equipment and know how to clean your linens, blankets, and sheets. If you are hesitant on how to wash your beddings, especially those with materials that are not easy to clean, asking for help is the best thing to do.

The daily buzz in our lives can be very tiring and draining and our beds are our best place for comfort. And you do not want to sleep on a bed full of dirt, so always make sure that your beddings are clean so you can get the best of your sleep.

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