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How to Clean Your Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have definitely changed the way we clean our cars. Cleaning with microfiber has made it easier to clean anything. Its exquisite ability to last for a long period of time, absorb more particles and dirt, and versatility in cleaning has made it a top choice for many car washing companies. But keep in mind that as we take care of our cars, we also need to apply the same amount of caring for microfiber towels. When you find the perfect way to wash your microfiber cloth, it can last you longer, which in turn saves you a ton of money! How you wash and dry you microfiber towels can have a direct effect on their quality and performance.

Here’s a complete guide to effectively clean microfiber cloths:

Choose the perfect temperature of water.
It is important that you wash your microfiber towels in hot water or warm water. Before loading in the washing machine or even when you hand wash it, check the water temperature. It should not exceed over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, as high heat levels will damage the fibers.

Use a gentle, or better yet, no detergent.
It is recommended to not use laundry detergent when washing microfiber towels as long you wash them on a regular basis. However if you find this impractical, you can still opt for liquid detergent or laundry pods; just ensure that you do not use harsh ones full of chemicals that will affect the fibers of the towel. You can use cleaning products that are specifically formulated for these kinds of towels or natural, unscented detergents that have less chemical amounts in them.

Fabric softener is a big no!
This is an important one, so you better take notes! Never use fabric softeners when washing microfiber towels. Fabric softeners clog the open spaces or porous material in your towels and damages the fibers in it, which lessens its ability to pick up dirt and its life span.

Wash with the like.
Just as you do with your clothes, make sure that you also separate your microfibers from other towels! When mixed with other towels, you are at risk of cross contamination as different towels are required for cleaning different tools and surfaces. When you separate your towels, you also prevent the lint from clinging onto your microfibers.

Air drying is your best friend.
After cleaning, it is important that you take the right steps in drying microfiber. As stated above, microfiber towels can get damaged when exposed to high levels of heat, so skip the dryer! Microfibers dry quickly, so you would just prefer having them air dried as it won’t take too much time.

Store your towels in a clean, dry place.
After a thorough clean, fold them properly and store them in a clean place to avoid them from picking up dirt, since they may transfer this dirt to whatever surface you will be cleaning.

Microfiber towels may seem tricky to clean, but it actually is easy once you get the hang of it! As with any cleaning tool, it is important that we also maintain the cleanliness of our towels to get only the best results from it. Investing some time and effort can be fruitful as it can help save you more money instead of constantly replacing microfiber towels that are not properly taken care of.

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