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How to Find a Bulk Dry Cleaner Near Me

Dry cleaning is one of life’s greatest conveniences. Instead of spending the whole afternoon sorting the laundry and loading them in your washing machine, you just leave it to the experts and let them do the work for you. They handle everything, and you just wait for your clean clothes. Booking dry cleaning and laundry services help you save time, effort, and energy— but they can be a pain in the pocket.

Just as they say, nothing comes free today. As we enjoy the convenience of a professional laundry service, we also have to pay for it. A dry cleaning service does not come cheap, because experts tend to every fiber and stain to ensure that you receive your clothes fresh, clean, and looking new. And as much as we want to thank our local dry cleaners for it, there’s actually a way to cut your laundry expenses and save some bucks. Introducing: bulk laundry and dry cleaning!

Bulk dry cleaning and laundry is pretty much like buying bulk items in stores or warehouses: the more you buy, the more you save. In this case, most dry cleaners take in large quantities of laundry and take them in to wash, fold, and dry. This is considerably cheaper than most laundry services, and that’s because it works differently. 

In regular, itemized dry cleaning, each piece of clothing is individually treated, washed, and ironed before handing over to the customer. For bulk laundry, the clothes are loaded in the washing machine, folded, and dried. No ironing, pre-treating, or extra care. Some companies charge extra if you want to add hangers on your clothing, but it all depends on their policies. 

Bulk pricing is a wonderful option for clothing and garments that require dry cleaning and need to be cleaned before being donated to a charity. Just make sure you have extra hangers on hand, because many charities prefer that you drop off your garments on hanging.

But how do you find a bulk dry cleaner around your area? Bulk dry cleaners are reliable, but sometimes, they are hard to find. Here’s how you can find one without going out of your area:

Before booking a bulk dry cleaning service, learn how the company operates first. Do they have high-quality service? How is their customer service? It’s also a plus if they are eco-friendly, because all the carbon footprints left behind by laundry companies are quite concerning. Also, before you hand over your clothes, make sure you properly understand the pricing process.

Next, look up for directories or search for laundry or dry cleaners near you. It would not hurt to ask questions, so look up their contact numbers or websites to know if they offer bulk laundry or dry cleaning. 

Look at local retail dry cleaning stores if the local business directories aren't helpful. If you can see the machine, which looks like a large front-loading washing machine, then it’s a sign that they do their laundry on site and it’s not what you are looking for. Take note of this one and look for other dry cleaners around the area. 

If you come across a dry cleaner without the said machines, then it’s a good sign for you. It means that they send over their laundry to another place where they can do it in larger quantities, so opt for these places.

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