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Wash and Fold Laundry Drop off Service

The new normal will affect household habits and how we do our chores.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making most people ask, "What's the new normal be like?" Facemask, social distancing, remote work, and homeschooling are among the random images that come to mind.

The aftermath of the crisis will tweak our lifestyle, whether we like it or not. Expect the "new normal" to change even how we do our chores – our laundry, for that matter. Going to the laundromat isn't a good idea anymore in the aftermath of the pandemic. The new normal dictates that everyone is a suspected coronavirus carrier.

Here's a practical alternative: laundry service with free pickup and delivery service. What a timely service due to health risks from exposure to public places. You lessen the chances of being a virus-carrier to your family when you refrain from going out. It's about time to get the high-quality wash, dry and fold services you deserve.

We, at Wrinkle Free Delivery, offer a convenient way to wash your clothes – a way of almost doing nothing. Don't worry about your dirty laundry. The process is as wrinkle-free as the name of our laundry company suggests. This is how Wrinkle Free Delivery works:

  1. Download our app at our website at https://wrinklefreedelivery.com/
  2. Create an account and sign in
  3. Schedule a free pickup and our crew will be in your place in no time
  4. Wait for the laundry delivery notification
  5. A service crew will deliver your clean laundry, dry and folded in reusable garment bag

When regular business is back and companies open, it's a mad dash to the finish line. People need to double-time due to backlogs. If you're employed, expect your boss to pile up tasks, since the company has to make up for the lost time.

Even if you own a washing machine, you'd barely have the time to wash your clothes yourself. The new normal will mess up our regular household habits. You might as well spend your extra time resting than washing clothes. You'd be pleased to see how we transformed your dirty laundry into a clean and folded stack of clothes.

Aside from laundry wash, dry and fold, we also offer dry-cleaning and accommodate special requests for other washables - linens, curtains, table covers, blankets, and comforters, among others.

In the new normal, we have to work smart and safe. Wrinkle Free Delivery is an affordable and practical laundry provider that takes one headache off your list during these trying times.

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