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Southeast Punk Flea Market

Shop til you rock, only at the Southeast Punk Flea Market on April 29 to 30, 2023!


The Southeast Punk Flea Market (SEPFM) caters to those looking for something a little different than what they might find on "Main Street." This event highlights underground art, alternative fashion, and anything related to the culture, while providing a venue for like-minded individuals to showcase their creations and, hopefully, make a little extra money selling their goods. So if strange art, vinyl records, vintage clothing, or strange and unusual items, are your kind of thing, then you’re in the right place!


Happening on April 29 to 30 at the Atlanta Expo Market, you can expect rare finds from over 250 curators and sellers, with products that include:


  • Vintage clothes

  • Toys

  • Original art

  • Taxidermy

  • Handmade jewelry

  • Retro video games

  • Comic books

  • Vinyl records/cassettes/CDs/VHS


SEPFM encourages you to bring your own shopping bags, especially if you plan to do a lot of shopping! However, you can buy some eco bags at the venue, so you’re covered either way! Oh, and don’t worry about the payment methods – though it’s highly advised to bring cash, most vendors take credit cards!


This event is open to all ages, although parental discretion is strongly advised since some products offered and sold at the event may be too graphic or offensive to children. 


There will also be live DJs performing all weekend long to accompany you as you browse through the exquisite products at the market. Moreover, Religious Records and Eternal Playboy Productions are hosting the pre and after parties! The highlight of the market, of course, is the special guest – Georgia Vintage Goods, who will be hosting a mini vintage market for everyone to see and participate in!


Tickets to the Southeast Punk Flea Market costs $15 for Early Admission and $10 for General Admission. Kids 12 and under may join for free.