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Porchfest 2022

In an ideal world, we have all of our free time to ourselves. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. While the weekends may be the perfect time to lay off all the fatigue brought by the busy days, it also comes with an elaborate list of tasks that you can never escape. These include deep cleaning the house, running errands, and perhaps what most of us dread - laundry.

These chores may seem mundane, but the thought of having to squeeze them in your rest days is so unfair. But with a trusted laundry service, you can skip all that and focus on what matters the most. And what better way to do so than joining a block party and music festival in one? Yep, we’re all in with the Virginia Highlands Porchfest 2022!

All About the Virginia Highland Porchfest 2022

Think of food, drinks, music, local businesses, and quality time rolled into one fun event - that’s Porchfest for you. It’s a day filled with laughter, good beer and food, and is a great opportunity to bond with your family and friends. Here’s another thing you’d love about this event: the bands play on the porches of the whole neighborhood, so you can explore the area as it fills with music and joyful experiences!

Held last May 14th, the festival was filled with local food vendors like The Pickle Truck, Acuzar Cuban Truck, Dogs on Wheels, The Cereal Lab, The Patty Wagon and King of Pops. It also showcased small businesses from local artists and vendors, such as Groovy Grit, Vintage Eyewear, Madison O’Brien Art, and Mind Body Clay.

And of course, who will miss the highlight or the whole day: 70 local music bands performing on over 55 porches in the neighborhood! Bands like The Murphs, Midwife Crisis, Wren & The Wravens, Bath Toiz, and Backyard Birds filled the place with a variety of music genres for everyone’s enjoyment.

The festival also included a 1.09 mile run, sprawling across the neighborhood, where the runners can dress up as their favorite artists and musicians. They also receive a complementary Porchfest water bottle. The winners of the race also got prizes, as well as costume winners.

To enhance the experience, it also included a Kids’ Corner, filled with fun games and activities for everyone. Add cute merchandise to the mix, and it’s really an event you will remember for long!