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Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Services

There’s no need to exaggerate here because we all know just how great linen is. In fact, you can easily consider it as a luxury, and it’s all for good reasons. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics, thanks to its astounding ability to withstand a lot of destructing factors. It is the sturdiest natural fiber in the world, even thicker and more durable than cotton. (Trivia: it is so sturdy that ancient Greek warriors even used them for their armors!)

Aside from that, linen is also great for maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment. Compared to other fibers, it dries out quicker and removes moisture to prevent bacteria from building up. These two reasons alone are why commercial businesses love to use linen. However, maintaining and supplying them for your business can be a headache. Good thing there are commercial linen services to help you with that. We’ll break down everything you need to know about it and why it may be the next thing you need to maximize opportunities for your team.

What are linen services?

The term “linen service” may sound vague, especially when it’s your first time hearing it. But don’t worry, because it’s perfectly okay— it can confuse even managers and team leaders. Linen services are simple: linen provision and maintenance. A company in your service area that offers commercial linen services supplies you linen goods, may it be rental services or regular laundry service. They provide you with linens, uniform service, and other items that need regular cleanings, like tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and towels. In this setup, the company owns the linens, and you pay them for the rental service.

Are they the same as commercial laundry services?

These two services can be easily interchanged, but they have significant differences. A commercial linen service supplies your company with linens they own. A commercial laundry service, on the other hand, picks up your own linens and launders them. However, there are service providers who can do both. If you have been considering one for your business, try to look for them and book them to utilize a better service for your needs.

Who benefits from linen services?

As we have said before, businesses and companies love linen services with a capital L. Linen services work for everyone: healthcare facilities, hotels and other facility services, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, apartment buildings, warehouses, offices, and even residential buildings. Although they have different linen needs, they all benefit from booking a linen service.

Having a linen service for your business allows you to provide clean and fresh linens for your clientele so they can feel comfortable and confident with your service. Managing it can be a hassle and take so much energy from your employees, so it’s best to hand it over to the experts. As you focus your day on more relevant tasks, laundry experts can pick up your linens and do the work for you. The next thing you know, you’re up to receive your freshly-cleaned linens that are ready to use!

It also saves a lot of money for your business. True, buying your own linen can be cheaper, but the cost of maintaining them is more expensive. You will have to provide laundry supplies and a washing machine to your office, which will ultimately add up to your expenses. It will also add to your employees’ to-do lists since they will have to launder their uniforms in-house. (Less productivity=less accomplishments, which may not benefit your business in the long run.)